Flexibility – Follow Through – Fairness

Flexibility:  Blue Terra Design handles a range of projects, from quick one-person jobs to full-blown renovations, including both home improvements and light commercial work.  Our in-house design services streamline the renovation process and make the entire project more affordable.  The retail side of our business can offer a number of unique, custom-built items, custom bicycle racks, aquarium cabinets and high end studio racks.

Follow-Through:  Before any cutting or hammering begins, Blue Terra Design emphasizes communication with you to ensure that your vision is our focus.  We focus on one project at a time and finish each renovation before the next job begins, which ensures that your remodel is our priority.

Fairness:  Blue Terra Design will not provide you with a cost quote before we are absolutely sure that estimate will be accurate.  We want to be tuned in to your vision and know every detail of what you want.  Plus, our dedication to efficient use of materials and conservation philosophy will save money.  We are also willing to let you help with construction labor to keep costs down.  There are never surprise expenses on a Blue Terra Design bill.

The bottom line is that that your remodeling project should be easy and painless.  Blue Terra Design can make that happen.  Call today to get started turning your space into your dreams come true.

Blue Terra Design, LLC
540 Tasman Street, Suite F
Madison, WI  53714
(Visits by appointment only… we want to be there when you arrive!)

Phone: (608)843-3550

email:  paul@blueterradesign.com

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